Ceramic Fiber Paper

Ceramic Fiber Blanket :-

Ceramic paper is made of ceramic fibres with high cleanliness with a small admixture of
organic binder. Advanced production technology provides uniform structure, which is
characterized by low heat conductivity and good resistance during processing. Paper of
ceramic fibres, easy for cutting by means of standard equipment, may be bent or wrapped
around most shapes to ensure highly effective thermal insulation in various applications. It
shows perfect chemical stability, withstanding the impact the most corrosive agents.
Exceptions are hydrofluoric and orthophosphoric acid, as well as concentrated alkali. If paper
is moistened with water or steam, its thermal and physical properties return completely after
drying up.

Application :-

> sealing industrial and household devices,
> lining of ingot moulds,
> separating utility in hard soldering, welding and soldering,
> additional insulation of liquid metal,
> covers of plugs of inlet holes,
> expansion joints.

Technical parameters