Glass wool Building Blanket with ALU


Rafter Blankets are glass wool blankets with aluminium foil facing
on one side. There are 5 cm laps of aluminium foil at the edge. They are
used between the rafters of utilized attics, in other words the attics which are being heated and cooled.


The blankets are put between the rafters in the attics. It is placed so that the foiled side faces interior space. Since
the width of the blankets is 50 cm it complies with the wood roofs that was built in standard sizes perfectly without any
damages between the rafters. Then, by the help of 5 cm laps on both side, it is fixed by punching or nailing to the rafter
fascia. Since it already has foil, there is no need to use vapour barrier. No weight should be placed on the material after
the application and it should not be walked on.

Technical parameters:-

• Thermal insulation
• Fire safety
• Sound insulation
• Easy to install
• Available in different sizes
• Lightweight