Glass wool blanket


Glass wool building blanket is manufactured in three different types as
300, 350 and 400. It is used on the slabs of non utilized attics, between
the rafters of utilized attics, for horizontal applications where no load is
applied, for metal and sandwich roofs.


Building blankets are rolled out on the slab when they are used for the insulation of non utilized attics. Since glass wool building blanket is lightweight, it is easy to take it up to the roof and to cut to be applied. Owing to the characteristics of glass wool, it doesn’t get ripped during application. If can be applied easily with no waste pieces and each piece can be utilized. It can be adjusted to any type of roof. In order to reduce the condensation risk in winter and to discharge the overheated air in the attic, upper part of the insulation should be kept ventilated. The rolls should not be covered over by
nylon or similar type of covers. Aluminium foil faced building blankets should be rolled on in the manner that the foiled face will be on the heated side.

Technical parameters:-

• Thermal insulation

• Fire safety
• Sound insulation
• Easy to install
• Available in different sizes
• Lightweight