glass wool board


unfaced glass wool board. It is utilized at siding
systems over basement wall level for thermal insulation, sound insulation
and fire safety.


The boards are placed in between the plastic profiles and wood lathes which form the structure of the siding system.
If all the components of the system are assembled in a correct manner, no load (lathe, siding profiles, wind, etc.) is
imposed on Yali glass wool materials. For that reason, there might not be any need to connect the boards with anchors.
Accordingly, the structural skeleton of the siding is being formed as slightly narrower than the board width so that glass
wool boards can be fastened through squeezing. Since glass wool boards feature 100% dimensional stability, no change
is observed over the time. For that reason, they continue to serve the purpose of thermal insulation, sound insulation and
fire safety during building life cycle. However, if there is any risk that the distance between lathe and/or profiles which
form the structure might not remain constant, then they can be fastened with anchor.

Technical parameters:-

• Thermal insulation
• Fire safety
• Sound insulation
• Easy to install
• Available in different sizes
• Lightweight