glass wool pipe


These are the pipes either unfaced or faced with aluminium foil manufactured from glass wool of high unit weight. They are used for the thermal insulation of industrial pipes, central heating and solar energy installations, for the insulation against freezing and condensation of the pipes and for vibration and sound insulation of the pressure water pipes as well.


Appropriate Glass Wool Prefabricated Pipe according to nominal diameter of the pipe line to be used is chosen. It is placed by parting cut line. The application is completed so that no gap is left between the joints. Unfaced pipes are coated with bituminous emulsion or bituminous membranes, galvanized or aluminium jacket. Coating joints are fastened by adhering, clamping, riveting or screwing. For the pipes coated with aluminium foil that are used for the insulation of cold lines, adhesive tape on overlap allowance and vapour barrier foil coating make the installation process notably easy. In this application, the joint of the two pipes should definitely be sealed with an adhesive aluminium foil tape with 7,5 mm width and vapour passage should totally be prevented. If a double layer application for the pipe insulation is carried out, care should be taken to line up the joint of second layer with the bottom of the pipe and to ensure the joints are staggered.

Technical parameters:-

• Thermal insulation
• Fire safety
• Sound insulation
• Easy to install
• Available in different sizes
• Lightweight