Polyurethane Sheet and Rod

Polyurethane Sheet and Rod :-

Polyurethane sheet, commonly a new composite material between plastic and rubber, is formed after chemical reaction of polymer polyalcohol and isocyanate through chain extension and cross linkage. It is divided into polyether and polyester according to its backbone chain.


1.Resilience (high or low)

2.Excellent abrasion resistance

3.Light weight relative to metals / Lighter than metals

4.Impact and shock resistance

5.Bonding to metals and plastics

6.Compression modulus (high to low)

7.Cut and tear resistance

8.Flex fatigue resistance

9.Friction (high or low)

10.Good electrical properties

11.Oil, solvent, water, ozone resistance

12.Age resistance

13.Mold, mildew, fungus resistance

14.Non-marking characteristic

15.High load capacity

16.Chemical resistance



PU sheet is used for shock absorption backing plate, spacer and springof metallurgy, coal mine, petroleum, automobile, building material, sports, heavy machine and large press equipment as well as die of metal plate and tube.