PVC Sheet and Rod

PVC Sheet and Rod :

PVC sheet and PVC rod: English name Polyvinyl Chloride sheets and rods , is a flame retardant, chemical stability, low rifting forces produced only a non-crystalline materials, is the most widely used plastic materials. While its material properties including high strength, high stiffness and high hardness, operating temperature range from minus 15 degrees to 60 degrees, bonding, can be welded.

PVC Style:

1. Gray PVC Sheet

2. Hard PVC Sheet

3. Soft PVC Sheet

4. PVC Rod

PVC hard Sheet

gray, white, blue and transparent pvc sheets : Auai PVC sheet material selected from the well-known enterprises, with the same color, good flatness , corrosion resistance strong, easy processing, welding firm, etc..

PVC soft Sheet

(green, white, transparent): high-temperature plastics additives is extruded through a soft PVC plate. Has good chemical stability and electrical insulation properties of thermoplastic, air tightness, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, high flexibility, color variety, decorative, long life, anti-aging, and environmental protection.

strong corrosion-resistant: ideal for corrosion resistance equipment. Easy processing, cutting, welding, bending, are very simple. High strength, high stiffness and high hardness; good electrical insulation; chemical stability; may be self-extinguishing; low water absorption; easy adhesion, easy to paint, low prices.


resistant to chemicals used in the manufacture, corrosion-resistant chemical equipment, lining, padded cell, plating tank, decoration, curtains, table and so on. Exhaust pipe engineering, chemical pipelines. Supply color: gray, white, blue, transparent

Technical parameters