Reinforced Ceramic Fiber Rope

Reinforced Ceramic Fiber Rope :-

High-quality sealing intended for work in very high temperatures up to 1400°C. Thanks to the application of special aluminosilicate yarn enriched with zirconium monoxide and additionally reinforced with a wire of alloy resistant to the temperature of 1300°C, we obtained a product of unusual thermal and mechanical resistance.

Application :-

Application of ECZ-HT packing is recommended wherever ECZ packing does not withstand temperature or mechanical loads. This packing is resting sealing, ideal to be used in furnaces, flaps, hatches, cleanout openings and expansion gaps. Applied e.g. in power plants (coal mills), in metallurgy (coke batteries), founding (forms sealing), ceramic industry (ceramic carts and furnaces) and municipal economy (coal furnaces).

Technical parameters